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Thai Red Curry Vegetables

Add a splash of Asian cuisine to your menu at home…

Cuban Spiced Black Bean Soup

Simple and delicious black bean soup recipe…

Apple Butter Spice Cake

A wonderful dessert for any time of the year…

Spicy Thai Chicken Pasta

Easy and delicious recipe of Spicy Thai pasta with Chicken

Summer Vegetable Frittata

There is nothing better than a dinner made from locally grown vegetables. They just don’t compare to what you get at the grocery store. Frittatas are an excellent way to showcase their flavors. You can make this recipe your own by using whatever combination of vegetables you’d like. As long as you keep the egg […]

Asian Noodles

Chilled Asian noodle salads are a great way to feed the family, or friends, in the summer. This recipe is really versatile. You can add the protein of your choice and change up the vegetables depending on what you have on hand.   This version uses AR’s Hot Southern Honey Spicy Peanut Butter, a new […]

Preserved Lemons!

I always have preserved lemons in the back of my refrigerator. Adding some chopped rind to a salsa or a vinaigrette gives a dish an extra layer of flavor. Once you try it you won’t want to be without a jar either. As citrus season comes to an end this is a great way to […]

The Perfect Summer Salad

Summer is a great time for salads. This refreshing combination of watermelon, tomatoes, mint and feta is a winner.

The Benefits of Brining

Brining meats is a great way to add flavor and moisture

Nothing Comforts Like Pasta!

Everyone loves pasta! It just makes you feel good. We have recently discovered the beautiful and delicious pastas made by Stephanie Fees in Lynchburg, VA. Her company, Scratch Pasta, uses Virginia grown wheat in the campanelle. It is toothsome and tasty! This recipe for Italian sausage and peppers over campanelle uses peppers in sauce from […]