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Summer Vegetable Frittata

There is nothing better than a dinner made from locally grown vegetables. They just don’t compare to what you get at the grocery store. Frittatas are an excellent way to showcase their flavors. You can make this recipe your own by using whatever combination of vegetables you’d like. As long as you keep the egg […]

Preserved Lemons!

I always have preserved lemons in the back of my refrigerator. Adding some chopped rind to a salsa or a vinaigrette gives a dish an extra layer of flavor. Once you try it you won’t want to be without a jar either. As citrus season comes to an end this is a great way to […]

The Perfect Summer Salad

Summer is a great time for salads. This refreshing combination of watermelon, tomatoes, mint and feta is a winner.

The Benefits of Brining

Brining meats is a great way to add flavor and moisture

Nothing Comforts Like Pasta!

Everyone loves pasta! It just makes you feel good. We have recently discovered the beautiful and delicious pastas made by Stephanie Fees in Lynchburg, VA. Her company, Scratch Pasta, uses Virginia grown wheat in the campanelle. It is toothsome and tasty! This recipe for Italian sausage and peppers over campanelle uses peppers in sauce from […]

Cooking with Appalachian Ingredients

We are living in a surreal world right now. It is comforting to gather around the table to enjoy meals as a family. I find cooking to be very therapeutic, especially now. I have been making an extra effort to support my local fishmonger and use as many Appalachian ingredients as I can . With […]

Roasted Chicken with Polenta and Mushrooms

Cooking with local ingredients is healthy and fun.

Holiday Cookies

Shake up your holiday baking this year! Do a little of the unexpected.

Friend or Foe? Natural Salt and Weight Lost

Friend Or Foe? The Truth Behind Naturally Sourced Salt And Weight Loss article by guest blogger:  Jackie Younger   Unbeknownst to many, naturally sourced salts can help you lose weight. Yes, you heard that right. Forget about counting calories, naturally sourced salt, otherwise known as unrefined salt, is composed of up 16% trace minerals compared […]

Salt in My Cocktail?

This is not a new idea. My grandfather used to add a pinch of salt to his beer. I thought this was disgusting as a kid. He was smart. Salt smooths out the hoppy bitterness of beer. People love dirty martinis for a reason. The saltiness of the olive brine cuts the sharpness of the […]

Buttermilk Cottage Cheese

Easy to make and delicious, cottage cheese is a great staple to keep in your refrigerator.

Kale: From Tough to Tender

Kale is tough! That’s how it survives the cold weather. We have to help it find its tender side.


Nigari, a mineral rich by-product of the salt making process, is a versatile pantry staple.

A Method to Our Madness

We are the tortoise of the salt making world.

No, Salt Isn’t Just Salt!

There really is a difference!