The Founders and Our Partners1



Nancy Bruns at the Farm, 2013.

Nancy Bruns, Co-Founder

Nancy’s passion for food began at a young age.  Growing up in a large family, her best memories occurred in the kitchen and around the dinner table.  Her parents allowed their children to participate in the kitchen, instilling a lifelong passion for cooking.  After graduating from Bucknell University, Nancy enrolled at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont.  She embarked on a career that would explore many facets of cooking.  She owned and operated a small restaurant and catering business in Highlands, North Carolina, allowing her to discover the importance of food sourcing and the connection of family farming to a healthy food system.  She sold her restaurant in 2008, and has since sought to marry her love of food and deep family heritage with a meaningful business.  Reviving her family’s salt enterprise in Malden, West Virginia was the perfect fit.  For her, salt is the most essential cooking ingredient, and she particularly loves to experiment with meat and fish curing. She has 2 children, Lisle and Carter, who both love to cook.



Lewis Payne at the Farm, 2013.

Lewis Payne, Co-Founder

Lewis has a passion for the family farm and its deep history.  Following graduation from the College of Charleston in South Carolina, he worked on a thoroughbred farm in Lexington, Kentucky.  In order to secure a more financially stable career, he pursued another long-standing family tradition — the practice of law.   Following his graduation from Ohio Northern University’s Petit College of Law, he practiced law in Lexington for seven years. He then moved back to his hometown of Charleston, West Virginia to become the Vice President of Operations for several land holding companies, and ultimately help revive the family farm and its salt-making practices.  Food and cooking have become a passion for him, and something he truly enjoys sharing with his children and with his wife Paige Stith Payne.  Paige and Lewis have been married for 23 years and have a son Davis and a daughter Cameron.


Support Team

As co-owners of Gaddy Engineering Company, John and Ellen Bullock and Ted Streit are fascinated with the geological history of the Kanawha Valley.  They have filled a room with their collection of maps of the region, hand-drawn or screen printed and backed in linen.  These century-old maps document the region’s geological history, and inspire Gaddy to participate in the history of the county by resurrecting old family businesses like J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works.  Gaddy has provided invaluable insight and engineering for the logistics behind the brine wells, approaching the tasks both sustainably and historically.  For them, this farm is where social and geological history come together – the rich history of the Dickinson Family’s impact on the region, and the rare geology of the ancient Iapetus Ocean that formed beneath the Appalachian Mountains.  For the Gaddy team, this union breathes life into an important part of Kanawha County’s past.



Here are a few of the Appalachian Artisans we work with.

Our beautiful wooden salt-making tools were made by Stan and Sue Jennings of Allegheny Treenware.. They also make the unique cherry cellars and scoops on our shop page.

Bluestone Mountain Farm provides our popping corn. It’s an heirloom, hull-less variety and is non-GMO.

Bridge Brew Works makes a salted beer, Iapetus Gose Style, with our salt. Delicious!

Brookstone Soaps makes a variety of salt soaps and mineral infused body butters with our salt and nigari

Lindera Farms Vinegars Daniel Liberson makes incredible vinegars from foraged ingredients. Some use a ferment that include our salt and are used to flavor the vinegar.

Our creative team, led by MESH Design, which included photography by Lauren Stonestreet and writing by Elizabeth Haddad.

ThomasWork master artisan Matt Thomas creates beautiful cellars and boxes for our products.



WVFARM2U: A Collaborative for 21st Century Appalachia

WV Food and Farm Coalition

WV SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurs)